EasyGrow DIY KIT 530w with Far RED

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EasyGrow Samsung lm301b led grow kit

Build your own quantum board kit from the best components on the market and get the strongest light on the market at a very affordable price.
You don't need any tools to assemble this kit. You only need to follow the manual with instructions. 

Technical parameters:

Replace for: 1000W HPS
Yields: 2-2.5 g/W  
Light size : 66x50 cm
Used chips: Samsung LM301B and Far red diods
Driver: Meanwell HLG PRO Series
Light power: 530W
Luminosity: 200 Lm/W 
Lifetime: 100 000h in operation

Warranty: 5 years


  • VEG: 150x150cm max. 200x200cm
  • Flower: 120x120cm max. 150x150cm

Distance from the plant: 

  • Grow: 50-80cm
  • Flower: 40-50cm

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